Having built websites and applications for hundreds of tipsters, we were contacted just about every week by tipsters frustrated that they could not find a place to proof their tips due to restrictions on their tipping methods and/or sign up terms.

Most pointed out that having their bets settled for proofing purposes at BetFair Starting Price (BSP), was hardly fair to the early birds and each-way professionals.

Unlike all other services we can find we do not compare, rate, recommend, sell, relay or make public your proofed tips. This site does not list the tipsters proofing to us, and we make no income from this service, other than to offer our design and upgrade service through our parent company at

We offer a flexible proofing service to those who require an alternative method of proofing to those offered by other providers, such as Racing Index, where limitations are placed on your ability to clearly define your tips and rankings are determined by their Variable Bet Profit (VBP) algorithm. Whilst their service is fair, it does not cater for all.

Using our service you can tip and proof reverse forecasts
each-way doubles etc – and at the best available price*

Our service allows you to proof your selections in simple text format such as:

Newmarket 2.00 – Any Horse – 2pts e/w at 12/1 with bet365
Ascot 2.30 – Any Horse – 2pts e/w at 14/1 with bet365
Also, 1pt e/w double at the above available prices

This is in keeping with the way most tipsters post their tips, either through their website or via email or text message, and makes for a very simple job in a very busy day for most tipsters as they simply proof their selections to us via email or SmS±; no logging in or waiting for the selected teams or runners and riders to appear.

Once the tips are posted they are time and date stamped and left as “pending” until the following day when the tips are released and posted to your own tipping page at Using our stamp you can link from your website to your page for visitors to view your latest tips. 

We do not calculate any profit and loss or afford your visitors any complicated charts and graphs; we simply report the tips for visitors to view.

This way the visitor can be sure that the tips have indeed been proofed and verify the results using their preferred results service to calculate your profit or loss using the given odds and any “rule 4” or similar deductions.

* Please note, bookmaker offering your best available price must be stated at time of proofing.
± SmS proofing is a premium service. Please contact us for details.